The 8G Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers

The tradition of  late night talk show bands is rich with exceptional musicians.  Think back to the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the NBC Orchestra / later the Tongiht Show Orchestra led by Doc Serverinsen and included such monumental musicians as:  Snooky Young, Ernie Watts and so many other guys who held down those seats for many years.  Then when Jay took over – the new musical director appointed was Branford Marsalis, followed then by Kevin Eubanks.  The point being, all these guys were well schooled and respected jazz musicians.  Now, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, he calls his old friend Fred Amisen (a comedian) and appoints him as bandleader.  The only truly  exceptional musician in the band when the show kicked off was Kimberly Thompson (Beyoncé), and she quickly left.  I watch in bemusement when I see this show – how on earth did these guys get to be in a late night, nationally televised talk show band?  They may be adequate for a garage band, but have no business being on this national stage.  I could easily recommend a dozen guys more capable and qualified that would jump at the chance.  Seth – give me a call if you care for their phone #’s.