Rickey Minor & the American Idol Band

Although American Idol may have run its course – what is significant will be the absence and loss of another tremendous live band.  With Music Director Rickey Minor, the MD for the show for the better part of the show’s run, the band exemplified exceptional musicians and their ability to cover all musical styles and genres.  All in all, during the course of 15 seasons, the number of musicians, background singers, arrangers, music supervisors and music clearance personal – the show employed more than 150 individuals responsible for the production of the music for the show.  The band included some of the top session musicians in LA including Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar), John Beasley (arranger), Ray Chew (MD), and numerous other musicians and singers all displaying tremendous talent on a weekly basis.  Regardless of the quality of the individual Idol performances, the band consistently provided a lush musical bed for the artists’ performances.

Musicians on live television have one of the most cherished gigs available – with income from at the very least, two revenue streams, the AFOM and SAG-AFTRA.  While there is little doubt that there will be a demand for future work in the studio and on the road for most of these musicians and singers, one has to wonder how this will affect the future of the total nucleus of those involved.

Perhaps the biggest loss will be exceptionally talented musicians performing each and every week inspiring young musicians and bringing quality live music into households throughout the country.

Another platform and stable gig for fine musicians has once again disappeared.

Rickey Minor and the American Idol Band

Rickey Minor and the American Idol Band