Late Show -w- David Letterman coming to an end

Will Lee and the boys in the band, Dave and crew have only 12 episodes left.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sad to see it all come to an end.  Dave has been a fabric of our lives for over 32 years.  I remember when it first went on the air – it was so much hipper for us young adults than the Johnny Carson show.  And what a band – I doubt we will ever see a band of this caliber again on late night TV.  Sorry folks but they are simply far more diverse and accomplished musicians than the guys in The Roots on the Tonight Show.  Selfishly, I am a bit concerned for myself – that I’m going to enter into some kind of late night withdrawal (just kidding).  Over the years, and presently, i still Tivo and check out the other late night shows (scanning mostly for musical guests), but in my opinion, none of them hold a candle to Dave and the sincerity and humbleness his exhibits every night.  We all know that Steven Colbert will be taking Dave’s place – but quite honestly, I don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling from him like I do Dave.  And not to be redundant, but what a talent Will Less is – he reads exceptionally, has a brilliant tone and sings like a bird.  Check out this performance –