ISRC Codes

In both my Music Business class and Applied Marketing: Music Business I address the importance of ISRC codes.  International Standard Recording Codes are the globally recognized numbering system for all music and video tracks.  In the event you plan on utilizing a digital aggregator (distributor) such as CD Baby, TuneCore, etc., ISRC codes are imperative and are required.  Each individual track must have its own unique identifying ISRC code.  It is vitally important that one do so in order to distribute your music, and is the means by which all digital downloads, streams, views, etc. can be properly tracked and accounted for.  In other words, without an ISRC code – you do not get paid.  It is recommended that the ISRC codes be embedded in the Pre-Mastering the disc subcode (Q channel).

What prompted this blog was during the Olympics I was listening to the Antonio Carlos Jobim station and when I looked up to verify the song title – the IRSC title had inadvertently been typed in as “Mediation,” instead of “Meditation.”  Pretty funny in a way, but it only goes to prove that if you enter the information incorrectly,  your entry will live on in perpetuity, throughout the world, as a typo.

Select distributors will provide you with ISRC codes free or for a nominal fee, or you can shop for them here.  Now out the door to Pritzker Pavilion to hear some live music